Want to know why the doctor keeps saying your labs are "normal"

when you feel worse than ever?

In this short video Missy Beavers, Thyroid nutritionist, reveals a simple test
(that your doctor probably doesn't even know about)
to fix the real cause of your problems without
more doctor visits, pills, or starvation diets.


to discover the quickest and easiest route to 10X thyroid energy!

I understand my free thyroid call will explain:

  • ​The SPECIFIC testing Missy used to reveal the root cause of her Hashimoto's Disease and walk away from thyroid meds for good after relying on them for 28 years WITHOUT ever leaving her home for doctors appointments or lab testing.
  • The SPECIFIC reasons why thyroid meds don't fix digestive issues, weight gain, hair loss, mood swings, anxiety, acne, and poor sleep. And HOW they can lead to chronic yeast infections, female hormone imbalances, gallbladder issues, dental problems, and high cholesterol.
  • ​What you should NEVER do if you want your thyroid meds to work optimally.​
  • ​The SPECIFIC system and TESTING our clients use to end the exhausting thyroid battle, even if they have seen other specialists, tried dozens of diets and supplements, had their thyroid removed or deal with nodules and have lost all HOPE.
Can I still have a thyroid issue when my labs are "normal?"

Most doctors only draw a TSH test to assess thyroid function. This level can be completely normal when there are raging issues elsewhere. This video clip is taken from my 5-Day Thyroid Bootcamp where you will learn:

  • ​Why TSH only tells us what the brain is doing, NOT the thyroid gland
  • ​What hormone is most important to cell function
  • ​The step where most women are broken
What does it mean if I have elevated thyroid antibodies?

Most doctors do not test for thyroid antibodies, but this blood test is so important to assess if the immune system is attacking the thyroid gland. This video clip is taken from my 5-Day Thyroid Bootcamp where you will learn:

  • ​What thyroid antibodies are
  • ​How they create issues in the body
  • ​What can be done to lower antibodies

​We work with women who have hyper or hypothyroidism, who have none, part, or all of their thyroid gland and even those who don't have a diagnosis. If you suspect you have thyroid issues, we trust your intuition! 

What My Clients Are Saying:

"I can't believe the difference in my bloat after only 3 DAYS on my protocol! If I would have known my "healthy" morning smoothie was causing this, I would have quit it a long time ago!"

With the right testing we can identify the fastest and easiest way to solve the problem instead of guessing at what popular shake, diet plan, supplements, or products to try next.

I'm a lover of puns, 5-year-old-knock-knock jokes, dogs, kindness, and chocolate.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease at 8 years old after gaining 50 pounds in a matter of months. For years, I was diligent and did everything the doctors told me to do, and still my weight ballooned over 275 pounds. In time, I got a master’s degree in nutrition and even bought my own health food store in an attempt to solve my nagging thyroid symptoms.

Through trial and error, I discovered a few simple tests that reveal the root causes of the problems. The results from these tests allowed me stop guessing at what supplements, powders, pills, or diet plans to try next and gave me a personal protocol to reverse my Hashimoto's hypothyroidism.

Now it's my joy and honor to help women everywhere do the same!

I’m here to help women create their BEST future with a healthy thyroid and energized body. Imagine....

  • No more disappointing visits to the doctor 
  • No more lectures to eat less and exercise more
  • No more anxiety, mood swings and brain fog
  • No more days spent on the couch with bone-tired exhaustion

It’s time for personalized answers and a personalized approach! 

Let's get started:

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